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Scientific and Professional Papers

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Vol 8, No 11 (2009) Cartography of Stari Grad on Hvar Abstract   PDF
Baldo Stančić, Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 7, No 10 (2008) Cartographical Documents in the Heritage of Ivan Lončarić Papić Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Robert Lončarić
Vol 7, No 10 (2008) A Remote Sensing Evaluation for Agronomic Land Use Mapping in the Tehran Province, Iran Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Ehsan Golmehr
Vol 7, No 10 (2008) GIS of the Crikvenica –"Igralište" Archaeological Site Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Iva Malarić, Mateo Gašparović
Vol 7, No 10 (2008) Geodetic Monuments - Coordinate System Origins of Cadastral Survey in Croatia Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Miljenko Solarić
Vol 7, No 10 (2008) Letters of Chartered Land Surveyors at the State Archive in Zadar Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Lena Mirošević, Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 7, No 9 (2008) Spatial Quality of Manually Geocoded Multispectral and Multiresolution Mosaics Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Andrija Krtalić
Vol 7, No 9 (2008) Production of a Porosity Map by Kriging in Sandstone Reservoirs, Case Study from the Sava Depression Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Tomislav Malvić
Vol 7, No 9 (2008) Beginnings of Satellite Navigation Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Miljenko Solarić
Vol 7, No 9 (2008) The Origin of the Term 'Atlas' Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Miljenko Lapaine, Olga Perić, Ivo Dubravčić
Vol 6, No 7 spec. (2007) Simplification of Lines Containing Fixed Points Using the Douglas-Peucker Algorithm Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Nada Vučetić, Svetozar Petrović, Ante Strunje
Vol 6, No 7 spec. (2007) Demands Set Upon Modern Cartographic Visualization Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Stanislav Frangeš
Vol 6, No 7 spec. (2007) Interactive World Atlas - Exploration of the Potentials of Web Cartography Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Dražen Tutić, Adriana Tanfara
Vol 6, No 7 spec. (2007) Two Vienna Manuscript Atlases with Cartographic Representations of Croatian Cities from the 16th Century Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Ivka Kljajić, Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 6, No 7 spec. (2007) Connection of Geodesy and Archaeology in Modern Geovisualisation Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Vesna Poslončec-Petrić, Stanislav Frangeš, Martina Triplat
Vol 6, No 7 spec. (2007) Availability of Cadastral Data Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Miodrag Roić, Vlado Cetl, Mario Mađer
Vol 6, No 7 spec. (2007) Advantages of Hybrid Global Navigation Satellite Systems Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Asim Bilajbegović, Elisabeth Leu, Mežida Mulić
Vol 6, No 7 (2007) The Meaning of Cartographic Spatial Data Geovisualization in a Multimedia Interactive Atlas Information System Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Mirjanka Lechthaler, Alexandra Stadler
Vol 6, No 7 spec. (2007) Japan's Quasi-Zenith Communication and Position Satellite System Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Miljenko Solarić
Vol 6, No 7 (2007) An Interoperable Cartographic Database Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Slobodanka Ključanin, Zdravko Galić
Vol 6, No 7 spec. (2007) Reading and Registering of Directions by Electronic Theodolites and Electronic Tacheometers Leica Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Nikola Solarić, Dušan Benčić, Đuro Barković, Mladen Zrinjski
Vol 6, No 7 (2007) Digital Large Format Airborne Cameras Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Tomislav Ciceli, Dubravko Gajski
Vol 6, No 7 spec. (2007) Gyroscopes for Orientation and Inertial Navigation Systems Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Radovan Marjanović Kavanagh
Vol 6, No 7 (2007) Dragutin Gorjanović-Kramberger Geological Mapping Pioneer in Croatia Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Antun Šimunić
Vol 6, No 7 spec. (2007) Testing Precision of Measurements with Hand-Held GPS-Device GPSMAP 76CS Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Robert Župan, Miljenko Lapaine
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