Changes of territorial range of Dalmatia throughout history

Street and Square Names as Reflections of Cultural and Historical Heritage

Lena Mirošević Mirošević


This paper analyzes the nomenclature of streets in selected cities in the historical/geographical region of Dalmatia, with the aim of interpreting the presence and prominence of spatial identification levels. Dalmatia is traditionally recognized as the southern region of Croatia, not determined by state or internal administrative borders, and possessing no specific natural features which single it out as a specific region, yet it can be defined as a historical/geographical region. As a consequence, among other things, the population can be identified regionally, as a result of complex evolutionary processes and border dynamics. Therefore, this paper adopts a cultural geographic approach, in which the subject of research is the cultural landscape and selected elements: names of streets and squares (odonyms). Since they are ubiquitous and pervasive, odonyms embody complex symbolism and contribute to the creation of a community’s spatial identification.



street and square names; odonyms; historical/geographical region; spatial identity levels; Dalmatia

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