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Vol 10, No 15 (2011) 9th Annual Assembly of the Croatian Cartographic Society Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Dražen Tutić
Vol 12, No 20 (2013) 9th Cartography and Geoinformation Conference with World GIS Day Zadar, November 20 – 22, 2013 Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 12, No 19 (2013) 9th Conference Cartography and Geoinformation Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 14, No 23 (2015) 9th International Workshop on Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Martina Triplat Horvat, Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 4, No 4 (2005) A Comparative Analysis of the 16th Century Ottoman Mapping of the Croatian Coast and Islands Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Drago Novak, Dubravka Mlinarić, Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 16, No 28 (2017) A Contribution to Measuring and Visualizing Regional Disparities in the Czech Republic Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Marek Sova, Branimir Vukosav
Vol 4, No 4 (2005) A Duna Fölfedezése, Antal András Deák Details   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Ivka Kljajić, Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 14, No 24 (2015) A Geospatial Data Infrastructure Deploying an Information and Knowledge Platform for the Agriculture Sector Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Tomáš Kliment, Gloria Bordogna, Luca Frigerio
Vol 19, No 33 (2020) A Life Spent in Political Geography, Radovan Pavić (Delnice, 30 June 1933 – Zagreb, 4 May 2020) Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Mladen Klemenčić
Vol 10, No 16 (2011) A Method of Cartographic Visualization for Climate Change Maps Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Nadka Stoimenova
Vol 18, No 31 (2019) A New Mathematical Basis of Google Maps Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Nedjeljko Frančula
Vol 2, No 2 (2003) A Promotion of Masters of Sciences at the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb Details   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Stanislav Frangeš, Miljenko Lapaine, Nedjeljko Frančula
Vol 5, No 6 (2006) A Proposal of ENC Cell Distribution of the Croatian Part of the Adriatic Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Tea Duplančić Leder, Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 7, No 10 (2008) A Remote Sensing Evaluation for Agronomic Land Use Mapping in the Tehran Province, Iran Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Ehsan Golmehr
Vol 17, No 30 (2018) A Storytelling Map of the Upper Mara Valley
Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Gabriela Ilies, Marin Ilies
Vol 15, No 26 (2016) A Stroll through the Forestry Maps and Plans – the History of Managing Croatian Forests Exhibition Abstract
Mirjana Jurić
Vol 12, No 20 (2013) A Study Tour to Paris, 2 – 7 May, 2013 Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Milenka Bukvić
Vol 11, No 18 (2012) About Maps Enclosed with Eurocodes Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Marina Rajaković
Vol 8, No 11 (2009) Activities of SDI Establishment in South East Europe, Thessaloniki, Greece, February 5-6, 2009 Details   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Vlado Cetl
Vol 5, No 5 (2006) Admir Mulahusić, MSc in Technical Sciences Details   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 4, No 4 (2005) Advanced GIS Modeling, Zagreb, 31 January - 12 February 2005 Details   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Vesna Poslončec-Petrić
Vol 6, No 7 spec. (2007) Advantages of Hybrid Global Navigation Satellite Systems Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Asim Bilajbegović, Elisabeth Leu, Mežida Mulić
Vol 11, No 18 (2012) Aldo Sošić PhD in Technical Sciences Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Stanislav Frangeš
Vol 5, No 5 (2006) Almin Đapo, MSc in Technical Sciences Details   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Damir Medak
Vol 8, No 11 (2009) Almin Đapo, PhD in Technical Sciences Details   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Miljenko Lapaine
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