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Vol 10, No 16 (2011) City of Zagreb Spatial Data Infrastructure Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Darko Šiško, Vlado Cetl, Sanja Batić, Jadranka Veselić Bruvo
Vol 10, No 16 (2011) Border Reconstruction of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Access to the Adriatic Sea at Sutorina by Consulting Old Maps Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Nedim Tuno, Admir Mulahusić, Mithad Kozličić, Zvonko Orešković
Vol 10, No 16 (2011) Street and Square Names as Reflections of Cultural and Historical Heritage Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Lena Mirošević Mirošević
Vol 10, No 16 (2011) The Novak Collection as an Inspiration: Characteristics of Some Rare Maps of the Northern and Central Dalmatian Coastline and the Role of Local Cartographers Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Dubravka Mlinarić
Vol 10, No 16 (2011) A Method of Cartographic Visualization for Climate Change Maps Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Nadka Stoimenova
Vol 10, No 15 (2011) Land Administration Systems in Transition Countries Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Mario Mađer, Miodrag Roić
Vol 10, No 15 (2011) Cartographic Presentation of the Transfer of the Holy House from Nazareth to Loreto Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Igor Šipić, Josip Faričić
Vol 9, No 14 (2010) Developing Spatial Data Infrastructure in Croatia – Incorporating National and Regional Approach Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Željko Bačić, Ljerka Rašić, Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 9, No 14 (2010) The Best Conic Conformal Map Projection for the Territory of Croatia Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Marina Rajakovic, Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 9, No 14 (2010) The Role of Geoinformation in Disaster Management Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Sonja Dimova
Vol 9, No 14 (2010) The Himalayas and a Survey of Determining the Height of Mt. Everest Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Miljenko Solarić, Nikola Solaric
Vol 9, No 13 (2010) Böttner’s Inventory and Other Finding Aids for the Grimani Maps Collection from the State Archive in Zadar Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Lena Mirošević, Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 9, No 13 (2010) Cartographic Collection of the Kurir Family in the State Archive in Zadar Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Ana Pejdo, Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 9, No 13 (2010) Determination of Visibility Polygon as a Real Estate Valuation Factor in Urban Area on the Basis of a Vector 3D Space Model Abstract   PDF (Hrvatski)   PDF
Hrvoje Tomić, Siniša Mastelić Ivić, Zdravko Kapović
Vol 8, No 12 (2009) Laying Out Land Parcels and the Oldest Boundary Stone in Croatia from the 4th Century BC Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Miljenko Solarić, Nikola Solaric
Vol 8, No 12 (2009) Lumbarda Psephisma, the Oldest Document about the Division of Land Parcels in Croatia from the Beginning of the 4th or 3rd Century BC Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Miljenko Solarić, Nikola Solarić
Vol 8, No 12 (2009) Information Sources and Cartography Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Nedjeljko Frančula, Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 8, No 12 (2009) State Base Map for GIS – New Digital Topographic Map of the Republic of Macedonia Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Zlatko Srbinoski
Vol 8, No 12 (2009) Cartography of Selce Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Robert Lončarić
Vol 8, No 11 (2009) Applications of Seafloor Mapping Using Precise Sonars Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Jerneja Fridl, Nataša Kolega, Aljoša Žerjal
Vol 8, No 11 (2009) Usability Improvements of City Plan in PDA Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Robert Župan
Vol 8, No 11 (2009) Optimal Conformal Polynomial Projections for Croatia According to the Airy/Jordan Criterion Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Dražen Tutić
Vol 8, No 11 (2009) Improvement of National Spatial Data Infrastructure as a Public Project of Permanent Character Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Vlado Cetl, Siniša Mastelić Ivić, Hrvoje Tomić
Vol 8, No 11 (2009) Area Preserving Cartographic Line Generalizaton Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Dražen Tutić, Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 8, No 11 (2009) Origins of Classic Trigonometric Networks Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Miljenko Solarić, Nikola Solarić
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