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Vol 17, No 30 (2018): In progress... 2nd Geomagnetic Information Renewal Cycle in the Republic of Croatia – First Results
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Mario Brkić, Marko Pavasović, Matej Varga, Marijan Grgić
Vol 17, No 30 (2018): In progress... Comparison of Valentin Hodnik’s Stone Model of Triglav and the Actual Shape of the Mountain
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Dušan Petrovič, Anita Anželak, Tilen Urbančič, Dejan Grigillo
Vol 17, No 30 (2018): In progress... An Analysis of Klobučarić’s Depictions of the Kvarner Littoral
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Ivka Kljajić, Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 17, No 30 (2018): In progress... A Storytelling Map of the Upper Mara Valley
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Gabriela Ilies, Marin Ilies
Vol 17, No 29 (2018) Calculation and Visualization of Flexion and Skewness
Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Krisztián Kerkovits
Vol 17, No 29 (2018) Integrated Multi-Level Assessment of Regional Development Sustainability and Mapping
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Vladimir Tikunov, Olga Chereshnya
Vol 17, No 29 (2018) Four Persistent Research Questions in Cartography
Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Liqiu Meng
Vol 16, No 28 (2017) Possibilities and Difficulties of Depicting Migrations Using Static Thematic Maps Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Tome Marelić
Vol 16, No 28 (2017) A Contribution to Measuring and Visualizing Regional Disparities in the Czech Republic Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Marek Sova, Branimir Vukosav
Vol 16, No 28 (2017) The Novi Vinodol Astronomic and Trigonometric Point Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 16, No 28 (2017) Small Geographic Objects in the Focus of Research – the Example of the Sikavci Islets on Detailed Maps Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Damir Magaš
Vol 16, No 28 (2017) Standard Parallel and Secant Parallel in Azimuthal Projections Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 16, No 27 (2017) The River Network of Montenegro in the GIS Database Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Goran Barović, Duško Vujačić, Velibor Spalević
Vol 16, No 27 (2017) Semi-Automatic Story Generation for a Geographic Server Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Rizwan Mehmood, Hermann Maurer
Vol 16, No 27 (2017) An Overview of GIS Applications in Landscape Planning Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Dora Tomić Reljić, Vesna Koščak Miočić-Stošić, Sonja Butula, Goran Andlar
Vol 15, No 26 (2016) Surveying the Vienna Meridian from Brno to Varaždin Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Miljenko Solarić, Nikola Solarić
Vol 15, No 26 (2016) Geoinformation Generalization by Aggregation Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Tomislav Jogun, Nada Vučetić, Dražen Tutić
Vol 15, No 26 (2016) Land Cover and Land Use in Slovakia within the LUCAS 201 5 Pan-European Harmonized Survey Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Vladimír Hutár, Peter Koleda, Michal Sviček, František Petrovič, Zlatica Muchova, Mária Leitmanová
Vol 15, No 25 (2016) The Croatian Mile on Old Maps Abstract   PDF (Hrvatski)   PDF
Marina Viličić, Miljenko Lapaine
Vol 15, No 25 (2016) Analysis of Geographic Coordinates of the Meteorological Post at Zrinjevac Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Drago Špoljarić, Božidar Kanajet
Vol 15, No 25 (2016) The Cartographic Opus of Ferdinand Konšcak Abstract   PDF (Hrvatski)   PDF
Mirko Husak
Vol 14, No 24 (2015) A Geospatial Data Infrastructure Deploying an Information and Knowledge Platform for the Agriculture Sector Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Tomáš Kliment, Gloria Bordogna, Luca Frigerio
Vol 14, No 24 (2015) Online Ephemerides – the Equation of Time and True Solar Time, Sunrise and Sunset and the Corresponding Azimuths Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Goran Tomac, Drago Špoljarić
Vol 14, No 24 (2015) Vindšachta Water Reservoir – Using GIS Tools for a Comparison of Storage Capacity in 1887 and 2014 Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Jakub Fuska, Daniel Kubinský, Lenka Lackóová, Karol Weis
Vol 15, No 25 (2016) The Isolarios by Antonio Millo with Maps of the Croatian Islands Abstract   PDF   PDF (Hrvatski)
Ivka Kljajić, Matija Razum
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