Croatian Cadastre Database Modelling

Zvonko Biljecki, Hrvoje Halapija, Dražen Piskor, Aida Osmanagić, Daniel Vencler, Velimir Topolovec


The Cadastral Data Model has been developed as a part of a larger programme to improve products and production environment of the Croatian Cadastral Service of the State Geodetic Administration (SGA). The goal of the project was to create a cadastral data model conforming to relevant standards and specifications in the field of geoinformation (GI) adapted by international organisations for standardisation under the competence of GI (ISO TC211 and OpenGIS) and it implementations.The main guidelines during the project have been object-oriented conceptual modelling of the updated users' requests and a "new" cadastral data model designed by SGA - Faculty of Geodesy - Geofoto LLC project team. The UML of the conceptual model is given per all feature categories and is described only at class level. The next step was the UML technical model, which was developed from the UML conceptual model. The technical model integrates different UML schemas in one united schema.XML (eXtensible Markup Language) was applied for XML description of UML models, and then the XML schema was transferred into GML (Geography Markup Language) application schema. With this procedure we have completely described the behaviour of each cadastral feature and rules for the transfer and storage of cadastral features into the database.


Cadastre Data Model (KaMP); conceptual modelling; ISO; OpenGIS; GI; UML application schema; XML/GML schema; KaMP schema

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