Concept and Establishment of the Mine Information System within the CROMAC GIP Project

Zvonko Biljecki, Stipica Pavičić, Tomislav Tonković


In order to solve mine problems in the Republic of Croatia, a unique project CROMAC GIP (Croatian Mine Action Centre Geoinformation Project) has been initiated significantly increasing the functional quality of the existing Mine Information System (MIS). Since mine problems are closely related to space, geodata are a crucial part of MIS intended for monitoring and planning of demining. Since the moment the Croatian Mine Action Centre was funded till today, the process of demining has progressed. The implementation of a topographic database in accordance with the CROTIS data model and the usage of orthophoto data produced according to the official product specifications can be pointed out in that progress. Usage of such geodata requires a sophisticated information system that enables a simultaneous usage of geodata and other data connected with solving mine problems. In order to reach all goals in demining and to use all advantages of geodata, it was indispensable to upgrade the existing Mine Information System by merging geodata and HCR data and to collect new data according to the standardized procedures, but controlling at the same time the quality and automated procedures of uploading into the system. Apart from being constructed in accordance with the Standard Operative Procedures (SOP), the modernised MIS is also based on generally accepted standards in the field of geoinformation and it is implemented on advanced technology. The core of the system is the Oracle database, and GeoMedia is a WebMap Professional tool on the basis of which the distribution and the work with spatial data is possible on intranet/Internet. In order to achieve full efficiency of the system, it is necessary to provide high quality and updated geodata. In this respect, photogrammetric data are the most efficient solution.


CROMAC GIP; geoinformation; humanitarian demining; mine information system; CROTIS; digital orthophoto; geodata

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