Automatic Calculation of 3D Characteristics of a Cadastral Parcel for the Purposes of Mass Valuation

Hrvoje Matijević, Siniša Mastelić Ivić, Vlado Cetl


Valuation of real estate is an important factor in the economic and political development of a modern state. Modern real estate valuation systems at national level are based on spatial data, both cadastral and topographic, which are maintained using advanced technologies -spatial databases in particular. Through adequate modelling, by combining data from the existing databases, it is possible to create a national system for real estate valuation. This paper first gives an elaboration of possible characteristics of a digital terrain model database, and continues to describe an approach to automatic calculation of 3D characteristics, i.e. the slope and the azimuth of a cadastral parcel. The system response time to queries for a single cadastral parcel was measured, as well as for a set of 5100 cadastral parcels, in an implementation based on the Oracle10g spatial database.


mass valuation; cadastral database; DTM database; spatial databases

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